How do I choose my paper artist?

How do I choose my paper artist?

How to decide where to purchase your paper flowers in South Africa can be tricky.  There are so many options available.

When we started off making paper flowers in 2016, there were not many posts to be found on Pinterest.  There were no templates and no training videos.  So I jumped in and tried my first few flowers.  Looking at them now, they are horrible.  🙂  But as time went by, I figured out the sizing, created new petals and eventually did my own rose design.  I threw away many many flowers.  When Carmen joined me in making flowers, she added a whole set of other skills.  We tested different kinds of paper and card stock. Followed up with clients after a few months, and even after 18 months. It was important that we don’t get droopy paper flowers, that we used the best products that we could find, even at a higher costs.  We still struggle to get paper in dusty colours, but will not compromise on the quality of the paper that we use. We only use certain brands of glue-sticks. Yes, we have made errors, but we fixed it and made sure that every clients gets flowers to the standard that they expected, and even to exceed those expectations.

So when you choose a paper flower artist, ask questions. Ask how long they have been doing it.  Ask if they only publish photos of their own work.  We have found that photos are shared that are of our unique designs, often the two-tone roses.  Do not trust someone that cannot build a business on their own work and the positive reviews of their clients. You can view photos of our work at

Happy hunting – may you find the perfect paper flower.

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