How to put up your paper flowers

How to put up your paper flowers

We are often asked how to put the paper flowers up.  The first question to ask is where will you attach it. Is it a wall, curtain, chair or other background.

We build all our flowers with a ribbon loop at the back.  This will enable you to use a pin  to fit it to a curtain.

If the flowers are for the back of a chair – we will add an additional ribbon loop at the back, so that you can thread a long ribbon through and hang it from the chairs’ back.

For a permanent set up in a nursery, I suggest double-sided velcro.  This will enable you to loosen the flower later on by splitting the velcro.  You can then proceed to wash the wall without damaging the flowers.  Just stick them back onto the velcro when you are sure that everything is dry.

Always be aware that double sided velcro or double sided tape might damage the wall when you pull it off.  If you are using a venue, ask them for a loose wall or make your own.

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