What paper is best for making paper flowers

What paper is best for making paper flowers

Making your own paper flowers can be relaxing but also daunting at first.

We started in 2016 and have learned that certain types of paper will last a few months, and others will last a few years.  Using normal 12×12″ scrapbooking cardstock/paper will create beautiful flowers, but it is not recommended for a long term installation or for very large flowers.  The flowers tend to droop at the top within a few months.

Large flowers (35cm and up) should be made by using at least 230g cardstock. We prefer to use a shimmer cardstock.

For small flowers (less than 15cm), one can use thin paper and the shape should last for some time.  When making small flowers, cardstock is not recommended, as it becomes too difficult to bend it in small shapes.  In this case we use a high quality 120g shimmer paper, available in our online store. The available colours should match with any theme.  Colours include 4 shades of grey, black, different shades of white, cream, shades of pink and rose gold, gold, red, navy and peacock, to name just a few.

The rule on what to use is – there is no rule! Try it, test it and most of all, enjoy it.